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FWO postdoc @LINCriminology - Critical & Cultural Criminology - Board member @EuForumRJ - Contributor @secprax
IR PhD candidate Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies @SantAnnaPisa. Sahel, Mali, Niger, Gender, Terrorism, CT/CVE. Coffee-addicted/dog-lover/sports only on TV
Researcher, IR / Security Studies @UniTrento. Mother of 3-year old, practicing dance therapy, supporting Open Science. On board of @SecPax and @IdPS_Journal.
professor in international relations at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa | NUPI Oslo | SAIS Johns Hopkins Bologna | ed. securitypraxis.eu @secprax
Just another IR scholar @QMUL & @UCOMILLAS | @RRInternacional & @SecPrax & @CST_WG | Terrorism, (human) security, (b)orders, MENA | Punk-rock listener
African security and transnational politics