The official account for the PREVEX project 'Preventing Violent Extremism in the Balkans and the MENA (PREVEX)'. Funded by @EU_H2020.

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#France and the #G5Sahel recently held another summit to solve the region's crisis. @PREVEXproject's policy brief has tried to understand what the #EuropeanUnion and other external actors are doing to prevent violent extremism in the Sahel. Read here:
🎬 2020 was the deadliest year in the #Sahel since the #jihadist crisis broke out in 2012. As the leaders of France and five Sahel countries meet at the #G5Sahel summit to discuss the way forward, @CrisisGroup proposes a new approach focusing on the region’s governance crisis.
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27 y.o. Syrian woman shot in the head overnight in her tent in al-Hol camp (BBC), while Daesh intensifies its terror campaign, Western nations studiously avoid efforts to repatriate their nationals. It can only get worse
Crimes are still ascending inside #Al_Hol camp by the assassinating cells, that still carrying out their #terrorest operations in the camp by shooting an 30 years #Iraqi refugee on today Saturday and murdering him, were another 55 years Iraqi get shot